Have you ever been in that state where you feel you need to do something about your weight and all-round physical fitness? Well I know I have. This is how the process goes; you wake up one morning feeling energized and you know it is going to be a great couple of months as you embark on your fitness journey. You are motivated but somewhere along the line – perhaps after the third day of working out, you are all of a sudden so tired and not only do you not feel like exercising, you no longer care about your physical fitness. Now why is that?

detox diet

In our modern day culture of eating, we consume more toxins than actual nutritious foods and those toxins are what mess with our minds and keep us unmotivated and complacent. They eat away at your endurance levels so you do not do as much as you feel you should. So you see that sometimes it is not just okay to start up a workout program because you can no longer fit into your old pair of pants, put you should do a body cleanse and possibly get on a detox diet before you begin any new workout and weight loss plan.

What Is Detox?

It is a bit obvious where this article is going but it is important to know exactly what it means to detoxify the body. There are organs in the body which have been put in place to get rid of toxins and they include the kidneys, liver and the bowel. A detox plans aims to take the excess load from these organs as they have been working overtime due to the bad foods and chemicals we ingest.

During a body cleanse, one is to load up on fruits and vegetables, stay away from caffeine and alcohol as well as junk food, and of course drink plenty of water. Although this is the ideal dietary lifestyle we should all adopt, it is important to do this regularly (once every 3 months) where we can live this way for 5 – 7 days at least. As healthy as we may want to think we are, there are signs we begin to see and we know it is time for a body cleanse.

Signs Of Toxication

  • Headaches
  • Skin Blemishes
  • Inability to cope
  • Decreased Stamina in performing daily activities
  • Indigestion
  • Feeling worn out

Now we do admit every body gets here every once in a bit but when they start to happen a little too often, then you may need to take a second and take care of your body by cleaning from all the load it has had to carry.

Toxins And Weight Loss

detox diet
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It is possible you have wanted to lose weight for a while and perhaps you have gotten on some programs without much success in the past. The thing is that you may be dealing with toxin in your body and not much else. Under normal circumstances, your body is supposed to work to keep you healthy and fit but when toxin are in the picture, your body develops  unhealthy habits such as storing up fats and all the rest.

Resetting your body to get it acting as it should means detoxifying and paving a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it do wonders for your body but your mind has a better time enduring the tedious workout sessions without feeling al the strain you would feel had you still toxins in your body.

Body Organs And Their Role In Weight Lossdetox diet

#1 Colon – The colon is the part of the large intestine. It is the part of your body which is in charge of processing waste from the body and prepare them for elimination. The colon does its job very well but you see that due to the kind of job it does, it needs to be cleaned often, a clogged up colon keep toxins in and you cannot lose weight when the colon is not free.

#2 Kidneys – The kidneys perform an essential duty. They regulate and extract the liquid waste such as urine from the blood. This means that the kidneys are always interacting with waste and if they are reduced in functionality, the whole system suffers. Keeping the kidney at optimum performance becomes a necessity if we are to embark on any weight loss plan and reap the benefits long term.

#3 Liver – Among other things, the liver mainly deals with metabolism. It breaks down fats to produce energy so you can imagine what happens when it is not doing its job properly; foods are not properly digested and as such your body begins to keep what it does not need. The single act of freeing up the liver to function normally will do wonders for anybody who is looking to lose weight.

Top 5 Benefits Of Detox

detox diet

Going on a detox diet is one of the best things you could ever do for your body. Detox advantages are plenty and that is why the art of detoxification has been practiced by ancient civilizations from as far back as the records go. Here are a few things you stand to gain by doing a body cleanse.

#1 Eliminating toxins gathered from the environment

This seems to be a recurring theme in this article but for good reason. Do you know that toxins exist in just about every place, we have toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and even the hygiene products we use. This is a proven fact that most of the diseases and little ailments we experience in our daily lives are due to our interaction and absorption of toxins. By doing a body cleanse, you get to rid yourself of these toxins and as such improve your health. Load up on organic fruits and vegetables during your body cleanse and watch your body repair itself.

#2 Higher energy levels

if you have attempted a detox especially as part of an exercise program, then this may be a bit contradictory. The first few days of any detox program are usually marked by decreased physical energy but that is just the first few days and this is due to the fact that your body is going through withdrawal. After the first 24 – 48 hours of withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and loose bowel movements, you are set on a path of increased strength and stamina to carry on your daily activities. You feel lighter and ‘smarter’. It is important to note that a generous amount of water intake guides your detox program as it helps you not only retain your stamina but stabilize your mood (this is a fact)

#3 Resetting your diet

It is one thing to eat healthy while fighting off the temptation of unhealthy foods but it is another thing to not have to deal with that temptation. Toxins call out to toxins (this is no joke) and the more toxins you have in your body, the more susceptible you are to indulging in more of it. When you clean your organs, you also clean your mind and you have better resistance when you see those unhealthy foods. This goes a long way into sustaining your weight loss and improves your chances of success. Most times the challenge is that you are on point one day and the next you are off point and on the ground. This may be due to the fact that you still have toxins indwelling and those toxins do not want to exercise, they want to lazy about till your body gives out – you can’t let that happen.

#4 Controlling cravings

This is closely related to the previous point. There are people who can stay healthy as long as they are not tempted by bad foods. So for these people, keep them away from fast food café and bars. This point talks about those moments where you are in the comfort of your own living room and you just feel like going for a double crust donut. These cravings are caused in most cases by toxins and doing a detox will reduce and eventually eliminate those cravings. Even when they show up, it is easier to brush off the thought and focus on other healthier things.

#5 Managing stress

Cortisol is a hormone and in fact the primary hormone which is released in moments of stress. This hormone has been closely linked to fatty liver disease and by choosing a detox diet plan, especially one that is high on sugar-balancing foods (such as fibres) you can help your body regulate cortisol levels. So by choosing a healthy detox diet, you can automatically manage stress.


The lifestyle we are exposed to in the west is one that is fast-paced. We are all busy and as such we rely on fast-foods and other things which are not so good for us. The result is that our bodies are suffering and we are not as ‘sharp’ as we should be. Luckily for us, detoxing is not an expensive task although as we have said, there are the 24 – 48 hour withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, bitter tongue and loose bowel movements – a small price to pay for your health right?

Think of it this way, if you are experiencing some slowing down in the performance of any of any of your devices be it a phone or a computer, you reboot. So do your body’s detoxifiers need reboots every once in a bit and not only would it repair and optimize your bodily functions, it would help with those extra kilos you have wanted to get rid of for a while now.